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Nia is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!
A sensory taste of dance, martial & healing arts.

Rachelle Conradie
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1. Have FUN & a workout at the same time

2. Train your body in dance, martial & healing
    arts, such as yoga & feldenkrais

  1. 3.Stimulate the 7000 nerve endings under your feet by dancing barefoot

  2. 4.Expand your movement vocabulary & challenge habits

  3. 5.Unleash your creativity & self-expression

  4. 6.Come in contact with your feelings and sensations through music and visualizations

  5. 7.Practice the art of listening

  6. 8.Learn to trust the signals of your OWN body and sensory experience

  7. 9.Free yourself from competing with others or forcing your body with ‘no pain no gain’

  8. 10. Regain pleasure & joy in your movement & life!

Nia in Leiden


Nia Technique Founders
Carlos & Debbie Rosas founders of the Nia Technique has after more than 25 years over 2500 trained Nia teachers in 37 countries worldwide.  Trainings organised worldwide, see website of Nia Technique Head Quarters

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Rachelle will not be teaching full-time in Leiden as from 1 Dec. To keep up to date with her activities around the globe, see:

Her Leiden courses will be taken over by a very capable group of Nia teachers:

LAK Leiden
Wednesday 18.00-19.15

Thursday 19.30-20.30

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